Data Acquisition Systems

The data acquisition systems (DASs) supplied by Broadbent G-Max are designed for high-gravity operation with multi-channel digitisation on the rotating beam or drum. These DASs are Windows-based and use TCP/IP networking protocols for data acquisition and control.

The data acquisition systems’ LAN-based architecture permits a solid-state hardware implementation, excluding the need for any rotating data storage media such as hard disk drives. This gives the data acquisition hardware excellent reliability in the high-G field, approaching that of the 1G laboratories.

The system typically comprises a 32-channel, Windows-based DAS together with one or two slip ring stacks for electrical power and control. Communication from the on-board DAS to the laboratory is normally through a WiFi network connection. For large centrifuges, the system architecture allows upgrading to 256 channels at a future date by adding extra high-G signal conditioning boxes.

Depending on the specification, dedicated instrumentation conditioning is also available. The flexible system architecture permits a degree of customisation of the final DAS delivery to meet your particular requirements.

DAS software

GT6 DAS instrument housing