Geotechnical Centrifuge Brochure.

The Broadbent range of GMax Geotechnical centrifuges is summarized in this brochure. Equipment includes both beam centrifuges and drum centrifuges together with special purpose units for minerology and other research applications. For more information contact or +44 1484 477200.

Broadbent-GMax Geotechnical Centrifuges

Broadbent-GMax 2009. (492 KB). General technical information on the range of Broadbent-Gmax Geotechnical Centrifuges. This range includes both beam and drum centrifuges. Also included is the integrated modular centrifuges incorporating both drum and beam in a single platform.

CEIGR Sheffield. 50G-ton geotechnical centrifuge.

The University of Sheffield has established a 50 g-ton 1 m radius beam centrifuge that can accelerate a 500 kg payload to 100 gravities (100 g). The centrifuge is central to a new research centre, Centre for Energy and Infrastructure Ground Research (CEIGR) supported by the UK Research Council (EPSRC). The centrifuge at the CEIGR was manufactured by Thomas Broadbent Sons ltd.

Geotech Product ID Datasheet.

Provides a summary of the types and sizes of Geotech drum and beam centrifuges available from Broadbent.