Special projects

In addition to our standard geotechnical centrifuge range, Broadbent G-Max also takes on special projects, such as the one outlined below.

High-G mineralogy table – MT GT 150/1.6

The high-G mineralogy table offers a platform to conduct high gravity, large payload tests in a safe laboratory environment. Primarily aimed at producing high gravity fields for mineralogy research to model deep earth, sub-surface melt processes, the centrifuge also offers a robust platform to accommodate small beam rotors and drum ring channels for lower-G geotechnical modelling.

This product offers great scope and flexibility: a permeameter rotor, complete with fluid unions and DAS to the main drive shaft, can be added to the 3000G centrifuge to accommodate large payload hydraulic conductivity testing. Hence with one base machine acquisition, the following four detachable test environments can deliver a complete high-G earth testing platform:

  • Hydraulic conductivity –  45kg to 3000G
  • Geotechnical drum modelling –  1.4m diameter, 400G
  • Geotechnical beam modelling –  0.55m effective radius, 200G
  • Mineralogy testing –  1.3m table, 3000G

The centrifuge containment enclosure ensures machine integrity and safety at all acceleration levels, and the compact footprint makes floor mounting simple and convenient. Vibration isolators mean that the centrifuge can be sited in a standard soils laboratory environment, although where continuous high-G runs are likely, we recommend pit mounting.

Courtest of Los Alamos Laboratory

Mineraology table