The Broadbent CL1800 batch centrifuge proved its advantages on test with USSC.

United States Sugar Corporation (USSC) team up with Broadbent for new batch centrifuge testing

The USSC sugar facility in Clewiston Florida, one of the largest raw sugar mills in the world, has been a Broadbent client for many years and uses our batch and continuous centrifuges throughout their raw sugar production process. USSC also has three large Broadbent decanter centrifuges which are deployed in the separation of cane mud. Working in tandem with the existing rotary vacuum filter station, these centrifuges have been in operation at USSC for over 10 years.

Two years ago, USSC also agreed to install the first of Broadbent’s new CL1800 batch centrifuge models to operate alongside the existing C58M machines that we supplied in 2007. The new model has not only demonstrated greater efficiency in processing variable massecuite but also achieves higher throughputs than the previous models. The CL1800’s advanced controls allow greater operational precision as well as generating a detailed centrifuge performance log. In addition, the new model offers simpler maintenance and remote fault finding and software updates.

We are grateful to USSC for their involvement in this long term testing. Their feedback and support has added great value to the process and has allowed Broadbent to modify the design and control software for optimum performance in a live production environment.

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