Service, Spares and Repairs (SSR)

Broadbent Inc. is part of the worldwide SSR network operated by the Broadbent Group. The network supports centrifuge users across the globe with spare parts, repairs, service contracts and process optimisation services. Our aim is clear: we make certain that our clients’ equipment operates reliably, efficiently and with minimal downtime.

Our Dallas facility houses a team of Broadbent Inc. service engineers, in-house assembly and disassembly facilities and reserves of spare parts worth more than $1.5million.

As well as reactive support, we offer service contracts for regular preventative maintenance and process optimisation services.

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In addition to Broadbent Inc. in Dallas, Texas we operate service centres in:


The Broadbent Inc. Service Team is happy to help in any way we can to keep your equipment running in peak condition. We look forward to serving you.

Conveyor balancing

Brake drum for other OEM centrifuge

Parts for other OEM centrifuges