Flue Gas Desulphurisation


We design and produce large vertical axis batch centrifuges for dewatering the gypsum slurries resulting from SO2 removal from flue gases in fossil-fuel-burning power utilities. These batch centrifuges produce low chloride, low moisture, commercial-grade gypsum. We also manufacture solid bowl decanter centrifuges for use where the gypsum is needed for landfill or dyke building.

With capacities of 120L to 1400L, Broadbent FGD centrifuges can produce up to 12.5 t/h dry gypsum. Installing these Broadbent machines delivers many advantages, as summarised below.


  • Superior results compared with vacuum belt filters
  • Able to process a wide range of gypsum particle sizes
  • High-speed processing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ideally suited for the production of low chloride, low moisture commercial grade gypsum
  • Finished product dewatered to 8% or less (dry weight)
  • Constructed from advanced, chemical-resistant materials
  • Robust construction giving long operational life
  • Regenerative, variable frequency inverter-fed drives
  • PLC allows easy interface with main plant controls.