Broadbent solid bowl and screen bowl decanter centrifuges are ideal for many mineral applications including potash, kaolin, calcium carbonate, oil sand and coal processes. Advanced wear technology protects the centrifuge conveyor blades and discharge area and the units regularly achieve solids outlet capacities in excess of 80t/h. In addition, Broadbent decanters can be used to classify solids by discharging the fine fraction with the centrate. We also produce solid bowl decanters in a variety of sizes for processing mine tailings.

  • low cake moisture
  • high solids removal
  • high centrate clarity
  • for slurries 1-70% solids
  • particles 1 micron – 1cm
  • low operating costs
  • low maintenance cost
  • feed rate from 40L/min to 3,500L/min
  • compact footprint
  • construction designed to match specific application demands
  • state-of-the-art, abrasion-resistant materials
  • bowl sizes available from 150mm – 1400mm diameter
  • high torque gearboxes

Divergent decanter (Patent pending)

Decanter wear potection