Decanter Brochure.

The Decanter brochure gives an overview of the range of decanters designed and manufactured by Broadbent and their application in the process and effluent industries worldwide. For more information, or to discuss special requirements please contact our Industrial Process Division ( or +44 1484 477200).

Centrifuges – The Choice.

N.Day. Filtration Separation April 2001. (2,261KB) Abstract: There is a wide choice of centrifuges on the market. However to be able to select the most appropriate one for a specific process a thorough understanding of the various options is necessary. This article explains with particular reference to the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

Choosing a Centrifuge.

Article from Chemical Process Technology Feb-2008 pgs 42-52. (590 KB). In English and Chinese. John Wright. Choosing a Centrifuge. Summary: Selecting an appropriate centrifuge for a specific duty is based on economic and technical considerations and requires a thorough understanding of the various options.

Decanters for cost-effective PVC Production.

Article from Chemical Process Technology 2008 pgs 22-23. (255 KB) In English and Chinese. Broadbent Ltd. Article on the selection and use of Decanters for PVC production.

Filtering Centrifuges Scale Up.

G.C.Grimwood. An overview of scaling up batch filtering centrifuges (179KB). This paper was presented at the Filtration Society meeting: Improving process efficiency through filter scale-up and evaluation. Runcorn 22 November 2005.Abstract: The scale-up of filtering centrifuges from laboratory or pilot scale tests to full plant scale is discussed. Several aspects of full scale centrifuges and small scale testing are considered including the test sample size, collection method and physical characteristics of the sample. The information provided is intended to assist the potential filtering centrifuge user and provide an understanding of the scale-up process, it’s limitations and interdependencies.

Inspection of Chemical Centrifuge Baskets.

Broadbent Ltd Information sheet CI/08/1. (595 KB) Inspection of Chemical Centrifuge Baskets. The technical note gives general information on inspecting centrifuge baskets.

Is it right to blame the centrifuge.

NCD Separation Solutions Ltd. Nigel Day. (137KB). This article looks at some of the practical issues surrounding the vertical batch basket filtering type centrifuge, although many of the comments will apply to similar equipment.

Program to assist with balancing centrifuges.

Broadbent Engineering Group have produced a software tool to assist the balancing of rotating equipment (e.g. centrifuges). This program, conditions of use and user guide can be down loaded here by clicking the link above. Please read the conditions of use carefully before using the program. The download file (376Kb) contains both the program and the user guide in zipped format. The program is designed for use with MS Windows 7 and above.

The scale-up and safety of centrifuges.

G.C.Grimwood and J.Wright. Presented at the IMechE seminar: Fluid Machinery in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Sept-06. (117KB). Abstract: Some key elements of the process scale-up and safety of centrifuges used in the process industries are discussed. Safety aspects considered include ISO-BS standards and CE certification, control systems and basket design and inspection. Further the key elements of scale-up from laboratory or pilot scale testing are discussed. The goal of the paper and presentation is to illustrate good practice and highlight some common pitfalls rather than give a definitive overview.

Aspects of sedimenting centrifuges.

A paper presented at the 50th International Conference of the Filtration Society in November 2014 and subsequently published in Filtration Vol 15, No 2, Page 114-120. April 2015. Author: G.C.Grimwood. Abstract: The effects of bowl geometry on the liquor clarification and solids dewatering characteristics of sold bowl decanting centrifuges are discussed. The requirements for centrate clarity and throughput are contrasted with those required for dry decanter cakes and high solids capacity on the assumption that the solids in the decanter feed are crystalline and incompressible. The aim of the paper is to provide a basic understanding of some of the compromises necessary in the selection of decanter centrifuges.

Batch Centrifuge Basket Design.

International Sugar Journal. Vol CXVII No. 1404 Pg 866. Authors: G.C.Grimwood, A.Ainsworth. Abstract: A short overview of batch centrifuge basket design is presented with reference to process performance, efficiency, perforation type, safety and cost. The mechanical loads supported by the basket during normal and out-of-balance operation are discussed. Aspects such as basket perforation type, welds, the use of reinforcing hoops and materials of construction and fatigue life are also considered. The requirements for on-going inspection and maintenance of baskets are emphasised.