Broadbent have recently completed the design, manufacture and supply of 8 off large decanter centrifuges for processing BPA (BisPhenol-A) for a prominent Chinese Petrochem Company on their phase 1 project. The process requires separating and washing, BPA crystals from a phenol liquid, at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Each centrifuge, with a package weight of approx 20 tonnes, has been designed with a state of the art technology, incorporating innovative mechanical seal and casing design, which provides a lightweight solution with superior strength. The units have a patented screen wash, which enables reduced wash ratios for a given capacity.

The complete module package includes the newest drive motor system available; these are each 350KW Exde motors, having a special cooling system that allows the motor frame size to be reduced.

The project represents a key milestone and the company has already been successful in securing further orders in this key process.