The Mosaic Company developed the capability to increase the feed to the K2 Potash mill dramatically. To accommodate the additional feed, centrifuge and dryer capacity needed to increase unless the centrifuges could also decrease the load to the dryers. Testing showed the load to the dryers could be reduced by increasing the dewatering efficiency of the centrifuges upstream, however, with the conventional centrifuge design, lowering the moisture also meant reducing the feed and overall capacity of the centrifuges. The existing mill had limited space to add additional centrifuges.
In 2017 Broadbent offered a solution. Replace existing machines with new centrifuges of the same installed footprint utilizing Broadbent patent pending divergent screen bowl technology. The installation is a success,and the first Broadbent machines have proven they will meet the new production goals without increasing the number of centrifuges or modifying the dryers.
The net results were the plant saved millions of dollars in anticipated retrofit costs and had the bonus of increased plant efficiency with higher recovery in the dewatering circuit.
Capital money saved and increased profitability has made Broadbent the reliable partner for Mosaic’s dewatering solutions.
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Nick Frohlich
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Client – Mosaic K2, Canada

Application – Potash Dewatering 

Centrifuge – Broadbent 1400×1800 Divergent Screen Bowl