Purge panels

These Broadbent systems ensure the safe and reliable operation of centrifuges in process plant operations where there is risk of explosion. Our systems maintain positive-flow purging and gas-blanketing with all necessary gas analysers, controls and alarms.

Each purging system effectively and safely purges a centrifuge or centrifuge system in a series of steps which include:

  • ensuring the equipment to be purged is sealed
  • maintaining a small positive pressure (10mB nominal)
  • allowing a high continuous flow of nitrogen through the equipment until a low level percentage oxygen is achieved within the centrifuge
  • sustaining a low continual flow of nitrogen to create a positive pressure whilst the centrifuge is in operation.

Broadbent purge panels feature a number of interlocks and alarms to check that the purge cycle is operating correctly. If a fault occurs, the system will self-correct if possible.

To find out more about purge panels, check out our Brochures and Technical information sections.

Purge panel for batch centrifuge