Assembly & Test


Broadbent has a large, spacious assembly area with overhead lifting facilities up to 25 tonnes. The well trained staff are skilled in pneumatic, hydraulic mechanical and electrical assembly techniques.
Our purpose built test facility provides a selection of test environments to allow representative final mechanical /electrical proving tests to be carried out on all products.

Capacity List Highlights


  • Supplies available include 208-690V 3 phase 50-60Hz to a maximum of 1000Amps.


  • Single lift 25 tonnes.


  • Max weight 6 Tonnes
  • Max length 3050mms
  • Max diameter 2030mms
  • Advanced two plane balancing electronics.


  • Bruel & Kjaer 2034 and 2032 vibration signal analysers.
  • Bruel & Kjaer and CEL noise meters.
  • M&P 4 channel SO analyser.
  • Extensive PC based data logging facilities.


Decanter assembly
Batch centrifuge testing
Balancing a continuous centrifuge basket