The Broadbent Process Laboratory

Our Process Laboratory provides an exceptional service to prospective clients aiming for solid – liquid separation on an industrial scale.

We offer a wide range of facilities and services, including:

  • full testing of your samples’ process characteristics
  • test centrifuges of all sizes from bench-scale to small production units
    particle and slurry analysis
  • purpose-built test laboratory with large fume extraction bay and zone 2 electrical status.
  • testing either in-house or at the end-user’s plant
  • full on-site training, optimisation and commissioning support service

The Broadbent Process Laboratory is a highly specialised testing environment. It enables our team to give you the detailed process information you need and in turn allows us to scale up the process to full plant operation.

Pilot scale decanter test rig

Our laboratory houses numerous test centrifuges, including:

a) laboratory centrifuges

  • Test-tube centrifuge
  • 111 – 230mm diameter perforate and imperforate laboratory basket centrifuges
  • 150mm x 300mm solid bowl decanter centrifuges (sealed and suitable for nitrogen purging where appropriate)

b) pilot-scale centrifuges

  • 530mm diameter perforate and imperforate vertical axis manual discharge basket centrifuge with skimming attachment
  • 300mm – 354mm diameter horizontal axis plough discharge peeler centrifuges
  • 440 mm diameter conical basket centrifuge with advanced instrumentation
  • 300mm – 450mm diameter solid bowl decanter centrifuges
  • 450mm diameter screen bowl decanter centrifuge

c) larger scale test centrifuges (subject to availability)

  • 600mm dia and 900mm dia decanter centrifuges
  • 900mm and 1250mm dia vertical basket centrifuges

Small scale seal test decanter

Ancillary equipment

Our Process Laboratory is further equipped with a selection of tanks, variable-rate pumps, pipework, valves and control equipment for use during on-site and in-house process testing. In addition we have equipment for the analysis and measurement of process flow throughputs, performance and particle sizes.

This equipment includes:

  • particle size and shape analyser for particles from 2-1000
  • sieve analysis down to 43
  • ashing furnaces
  • drying ovens
  • optical microscopy
  • instruments for measuring conductivity, viscosity, temperature, pressure, pH etc.

In-house test area

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Particle size analysis

Particle shape analysis