Welcome to the Broadbent Service, Spares and Repairs Division

Protect your productivity

For ultimate performance and productivity, every industrial organisation relies on well-maintained, effective and efficient equipment. With a long heritage in the centrifuge and laundry equipment industry, the Broadbent Spares, Service and Repairs (SSR) division is your partner of choice, helping you to keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently. Proactive maintenance and upgrades also prolong the life and improve the performance of production equipment.

Supporting Broadbent centrifuges – and most other brands, too
The Broadbent SSR division offers servicing, refurbishment, repairs and spare parts for Broadbent products and those of many of our competitors.

We can also advise and support you on all aspects of centrifuge and laundry equipment, from single queries to complex design and planning enquiries.

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    900mm Broadbent batch centrifuge refurbishment
    The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs below show the transformation of a Broadbent batch chemical centrifuge in our service workshop....
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    Non-Broadbent batch centrifuge refurbishment
    The first image here shows a Robotel batch centrifuge on arrival at our workshop. The second image shows the...
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    Solid bowl decanter centrifuge refurbishment
    This Broadbent 600 x 900 mm (24 x 38”) solid bowl decanter came to our workshop for a full...