The CL1800, the latest technology in separation of sugar is finding its way home, this amazing piece of machinery is finishing its last trials on the test bed before heading on a ship, to the Central American country of the “Land of the Maya” (El Salvador). The CL1800 centrifugal will be installed in Central Jiboa Factory in the Jiboa Valley. Broadbent’s are so proud to be working with our clients remotely during this difficult situation we are living in with the pandemic. This machine will be commissioned onsite in November, at the beginning of the contract, knowing the circumstances that this pandemic would cause, we offered our client different ways of commissioning this machine remotely if onsite presence was not possible. Therefore, the CL1800 has been delivered with the latest technology, allowing our engineers to assist the customer remotely for start-up without attending site.
However even in the chaos the pandemic has caused, through perseverance , Broadbent have managed to arrange for one of our USA based Service Engineers to attend site and complete the wet commissioning of the CL1800, assuring with our UK base Engineering Team the safe startup of the centrifuge