Beet Washing

The water used to wash sugar beets has a high solids loading. Many factories discharge the water to ponds or lagoons to allow slow settling, digging out the settled solids each year.

Broadbent’s beet wash decanters are designed to process the clarifier underflow and remove the majority of the suspended solids. This significantly reduces the solids loading in the ponds and removes the need for digging them out each year.

When combined with other effluent treatment equipment, the beet wash decanter can reduce or eliminate the need for solid recovery ponds. This not only avoids environmental odours but also releases land for other purposes.

Decanter for beet mud

Mud discharge from decanter

The photograph below shows the discharged solids from the decanter installation shown above. The solids produced by the decanter are ‘truckable’.

For more information on decanter centrifuges please follow this link.