Cane Mud Separation

An ideal alternative to rotary vacuum filters for processing cane mud, horizontal decanter centrifuges separate solids from liquors using sedimentation, rather than filtration.

The Broadbent cane mud decanter uses a patented washing system to reduce the sucrose content of the discharged mud. In addition, the decanters are fitted with robust wear protection initially developed for the mining and mineral industry. We configure our decanters to deliver a number of valuable benefits.

Key benefits

  • no need to add bagacillo
  • save on energy costs
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • avoid high sucrose losses
  • small, space-saving footprint

The Broadbent cane mud decanter range allows the processing of up to 90 m3/hr (400 US gpm) of cane mud in a single unit.

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Cane mud decanter

Sugar mill decanter installation