Sugar Centrifuges

Batch battery

Continuous battery

Broadbent produces one of the world’s largest ranges of batch and continuous centrifuges for all grades of sugar massecuites used by cane factories, beet factories, refineries and specialist sugar producers. Throughout our long history in the sector we have gained vast experience in sugar processing operations and have developed and tailored our products to deal with sugar factory conditions, challenges and product variability of every kind.

Key benefits of Broadbent sugar centrifuges

  • high capacity
  • high yield
  • efficient processing
  • improved operational efficiency and reliability

With batch centrifuge capacities up to 60 t/h of massecuite and continuous centrifuge basket diameters up to 1.575m, Broadbent has the solution for every sugar factory application. Optional extras and special adaptations can be integrated into your centrifuge design to enhance performance and meet your specific objectives.

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