Low Grade Continuous Centrifuges

Continuous centrifuges – all stainless steel
Battery of continuous centrifuges
With decades of experience in the global sugar industry, Broadbent’s excellent range of continuous centrifuges is consistently developed and refined. Our low grade continuous centrifuges combine performance with a simple and efficient mechanical design.

Key benefits

  • high performance
  • efficient operation
  • 360 degree distribution of massecuite
  • rapid separation
  • easy to maintain

Key features

  • central feed and acceleration cone
  • fully perforated stainless steel basket
  • wash and steam massecuite conditioning system
  • three-point, external suspension, heavy-duty vibration isolators
  • simple, grease-lubricated bearing housing
  • double support meshes for working screen
The Broadbent range of continuous centrifuges 

Our standard range includes continuous centrifuges to suit a wide variety of sugar and sweetener applications. However, should you require bespoke designs, our Industrial Process Division is at your service to create continuous centrifuges to your exact specifications.

Model Nominal basket diameter (mm) Max. separating force (G) Max. motor power (kW)
SPV1220 1220 mm 2,500 x G 75kW
SPV1425 1425 mm 2,500 x G 110kW
SPV1575 1575 mm 2,250 x G 132kW
For further details on continuous centrifuges, please see our Brochures and
Technical information, or click here to contact the Broadbent Sugar & Sweetener Division directly.
The capacities quoted above are indicative only: exact capacities depend on massecuite quality and temperature.
Optional extras include:

  • stainless steel contact parts
  • automation
  • separation of washings and molasses.

Broadbent continuous centrifuges are normally supplied to discharge crystals but may be configured to deliver a liquid magma or syrup discharge.

Basic layout of the Broadbent SPV range of continuous centrifuges.
For further details on low grade continuous centrifuges, please see our Brochures and Technical information, or click here to contact the Broadbent Sugar & Sweetener Division directly.