2000kG Broadbent batch centrifuge processing sugar.
The Broadbent clean screen ploughing system provides real commercial benefits including :

  • Higher crystal yields.
  • Higher throughputs.
  • Lower steam consumption by reducing recirculation back to the pans.
  • Greatly reduced screen wash water requirements leading to lower evaporative steam demand.

Broadbent solid bowl decanter process cane mud.
The patented Broadbent decanter centrifuge design for cane mud processing provides :

  • Dryer discharged mud than an RVF.
  • Operation without bagacillo addition.
  • Sucrose recovery typically 95%.
  • Simply to automate with large turn down ratio and minimum supervision.
  • Full wear protection giving long life for rotating components.
  • Electrical power consumption similar to RVF installation.
  • Smaller space requirement than equivalent RVF