Welcome to Broadbent Thailand!

Part of the globally renowned Broadbent Group, Broadbent Thailand manufactures a range of industrial centrifuges especially for the Asian market. In addition we offer spare parts and a comprehensive service, repair and support package for Broadbent and non-Broadbent solid-liquid separation equipment.

UK engineering has always set the highest standards and Broadbent is proud to have maintained this level of excellence for over 150 years. Now, Broadbent Thailand brings that same precision, quality and reliability to Asia’s sugar, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other research and industrial markets.

Top quality, tailored products at affordable prices

Broadbent is known worldwide for unique design capabilities, so no matter what your solid-liquid application we can design and produce the ideal batch and continuous centrifuges and decanters for your process. We’ll work in partnership with you to identify the optimum solution.

Lifelong service and support

Broadbent’s heritage and reputation are your assurance of continuous support throughout the life of your separation equipment. Broadbent Thailand provides local servicing, spares and repairs across Asia, ensuring that your centrifuge maintains maximum productivity whether it is a Broadbent machine or not.

We also offer routine maintenance and overhauls scheduled to fit in with your planned plant shutdowns. This service is very popular with our clients, who appreciate expert support with their maintenance workload as well as the reassurance of maximum productivity and efficiency between plant shutdowns.

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