Broadbent has over 10 years’ experience in using decanter centrifuges to process cane mud.  However, in south-east Asia this technology is very limited and rarely applied in practice. To demonstrate the major advantages of their decanter centrifuges in the cane mud process, Broadbent carried out trials using a pilot scale mud decanter for a number of sugar mills including Krebet Baru, Trangkil and Kaset Thai.

The trial results showed that suspended solid recoveries are generally higher than those from mud filters, giving a clearer filtrate. The decanter also produced mud cake with lower moisture content and avoids the need to add bagacillo. The benefits are significant: given the same amount of dry mud solids, the mud decanter discharges about half the volume of wet cake when compared to the RVF. The decanter cake pol can therefore be twice as high as that of the RVF for a lower or similar percentage sugar loss.

The Broadbent pilot scale decanter installed in front of an existing RVF filter