Vega Systems UK recently delivered a couple of 120kg capacity open pocket washers to Carriag Linen, the latest in a number of investments by this growing independent laundry based on the outskirts of Dublin. The relationship with Vega Systems UK started when they purchased a factory reconditioned VegaFold from Vega Systems UK.

The reconditioned VegaFold had a full factory QA test before it was delivered. The sheet folder must have impressed because shortly after the install Carraig involved Vega Systems UK again to provide them with a more flexible multi-lane folder.

This time Carraig opted for a new machine with the option of four lanes of primary folding for small items like pillowcases and napkins. We added a mechanical bypass to maintain the folding quality on items which do not require the primary folds.

Carraig arranged for samples of their work to be sent over to the factory so that the machine could be pre-commissioned and set-up according to their particular requirements.

As well as the flexible sheet and small-piece VegaFold, Carraig took delivery of a ‘Vega MultiFold Super’ knife folding towel folder (seen here during installation by our engineer).

Our MultiFold range of towel folders are available in several variants with either air-blast folding or (for the highest quality); mechanical knife folding.

We’re very pleased to be helping Carraig Linen with their impressive expansion plans and we would happy for any other independent laundries who want to take advantage of Vega Systems’ innovation and value proposition to contact us via the Website.