Vega Systems UK attended the CleanEx Exhibition at Ascot Racecourse on the 24th and 25th April 2022. CleanEx is the only UK exhibition dedicated to the laundry, dry-cleaning and textile care industry and usually held every two years. Staff members from the sales team attended as well as people from the dedicated spares and servicing department to demonstrate machines to visitors.

The Vega UK exhibition stand featured three machines: a “Multifold Super” towel folder, a “Transfeed-S” linen feeder and a “VegaFold-S” linen folder.

Vega Multifold Super 2.2 Knife

Vega Multifold Super 2.2 Knife

The Vega Multifold Super 2.2 Knife is a towel folder with the ability to fold different sized towels and stack them according to towel size. The benefit of using the Multifold knife is that the quality of the folded towels is unparalleled with the use of knives as opposed to air blasts, which many other machines on the market use. The machine can feature up to four stacking areas, so there’s enough room to cover any kind of towel up to 2.2m long.


Vega Transfeed-S

Vega Transfeed-S

The Vega Transfeed-S is a feeder that can handle bed linen, and small pieces into an ironer. The model displayed had capabilities is a three-station feeder but there is also the option to have four stations. Operators can process on average 350 sheets per hour, with the best machine operators hitting speeds of up to 450+ pieces per hour!

The VegaFold-S folds linen that has been put through an ironer, and much like the Multifold Super, sorts the linens into separate piles based on the size. There is also a reject function so that operators can tell the machine to divert any linen that needs repairing or rework. The unique feature of the Vegafold-S is that it takes up less floor space, as all the stacking is done within a small footprint when compared to ither machines on the market.

Sharlene Hardy, Vega UK Spares Co-ordinator said “It was great to network with people from all parts of the industry, and to meet old faces and new. Everyone was so impressed with the Transfeed, and why wouldn’t they be?”

Here’s to the next CleanEx event!


Team Vega

Team Vega at CleanEx 2022

Team Vega on Transfeed-S

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