Vega Systems UK: the Broadbent-Vega Story


We are proud to be able to supply the complete range of products from the renowned specialist manufacturer, Vega Systems BV. Broadbent decided in 2013 that blending our market-leading design and support service with the Vega product range would be of immense value to the UK’s industrial laundry business. The result is the exciting joint venture, Vega Systems UK. We will grow our business via genuine innovation and investment, and by challenging the laundry industry’s accepted concepts and limitations.

Vega Systems BV

Established in 2001, Vega Systems BV soon became a major force in the industrial laundry sector worldwide. Committed to listening carefully to customer needs and responding with a continuing supply of new products, Vega Systems grew quickly and now has manufacturing sites in The Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and China.

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The Broadbent Group and Broadbent Laundry Systems

Long before the creation of Vega Systems UK, Broadbent Laundry Systems (a Broadbent Group subsidiary) had earned an enviable reputation in the service and supply of industrial laundry solutions to the UK and Ireland.
Leaders in centrifuge technology, The Broadbent Group comprises a number of specialist divisions which manufacture and supply a wide range of machinery and services to the sugar, dextrose, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, and environmental industries, and to research facilities.