Our Services

Vega Systems UK has the resources and capability to support not only its own product range but those of many other laundry equipment brands. Our customer support facility is one of the largest in the UK: our strategically located field service engineers are complemented by experienced service administrators who can help you with any spares and service support you might need. All our engineers are fully trained in Vega Systems UK product technologies and every Vega Systems UK engineer vehicle carries a comprehensive spares package. As a result, most repairs are resolved quickly and conveniently on a first visit.

Vega Systems UK also offers a number of valuable ancillary services, including:

  • inspections and reports
  • installation and commissioning
  • breakdown response
  • planned maintenance
  • Gas Safe servicing
  • training
  • overhauls
  • refurbishment services
  • CFPP01-04 validation.

For spares, call Adam:                           +44 (0)1484 477285

For service, call Simon:                       +44 (0)1484 477320

For out-of-hours support, call:           +44 (0)7800 685219

Vega / Broadbent extensive spares stock

Service / refurbishment workshop