Welcome to the Broadbent Manufacturing Division!

A total solution for the engineering industry
Based in West Yorkshire in the UK, Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd’s Manufacturing Division offers a complete subcontracting solution for all engineering disciplines, from fabrication and machining to assembly and testing.

Meeting your precise specifications
Our highly skilled, apprentice-trained manufacturing workforce excels in precision manufacturing. Together, these experts fabricate, machine and assemble Broadbent’s large industrial centrifuge products to the exacting tolerances and standards our clients need.

About the Broadbent Manufacturing Division

Wide-ranging materials capability
The Division brings together impressive experience and expertise in working with a vast range of materials from traditional to the more exotic. We handle everything from mild steels through to 300 series, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, as well as nickel, Monel, Hastelloy and titanium, all of which can be fabricated and machined components.

World-class facilities
Our 85,000ft2 (8,000m2) premises comprise three main manufacturing bays with 20 x 20ft (6 x 6m) access and lifting facilities up to 25 tonnes. Our precision services include:

  • fabrication
  • machining
  • assembly
  • dynamic balancing
  • blasting
  • painting
  • testing.
Fabrication and Welding

The Fabrication Department is well equipped with a large selection of plant to cope with the construction of medium to heavy centrifuges and other similar products. Our skilled engineers are qualified in ASME IX, NACE on SMAW, GTAW, SAW, GMAW and FCAW across a wide portfolio of materials including 2205, 2507, Zeron and Hastelloy.

Broadbent is a member of the Welding Institute who are specialists in all forms of welding, jointing and NDT for industrial applications.

With up to 25 tonnes’ overhead lifting capacity and flexible positioners, we have the optimum welding capability to achieve high-integrity welds. We also make extensive use of both internal and external NDT to confirm weld quality and to comply with our agreed quality plans and weld procedures.

Fabrication and welding capacity list: a few highlights!

Welding plant

  • 25  x welding sets including several new Miller XMS 425 MPa synergic welding systems
  • Sub-arc welding (with column and boom)
  • Auto alignment 800 amp
  • Boom 3000 x 3500mm

Haeusler 4 roll plate bending machine for cold and hot pre-bending and rounding of cylinders and cones. Capacity up to 2000 mm wide; plate 20 mm thick.

5 x 3000kg positioners
1 x 5000kg positioner
1 x 8500kg positioner

500 tonne vertical press.
75 tonne horizontal press.


Our machining department specialises in vertical and horizontal turning, broaching, drilling and milling. We are particularly skilled in machining large and complex components to the tight tolerances needed for large-scale industrial centrifuges and similar products.

Machining capacity list: a few highlights!

Waldrich Coberg CNC Machining Centre

This large, 5-axis CNC vertical turning and machining centre with Siemens 840C control has live tooling, automatic attachment and a tool auto-changer.

Turning capacity:
Max. turning diameter = 3500mm
Max. height under toolbox = 3200mm
Max. table weight = 25 tonnes
Max. table speed = 180 RPM

Milling capacity:
Traverse axes
X axis = +/-2000mm
Y axis = 2000mm
Z axis = 2000mm
C1 axis = 360 degrees in 0.001 degree increments

Inline milling & drilling attachment
Max. speed = 2500 RPM
Universal milling attachment (full CNC universal head)
C2 axis = 360 degrees around centre of ram
B axis = 90 degrees rotation around Y axis (combined with C2 to point in any direction from horizontal to vertical down)
Max. speed = 2500RPM

Asquith Butler LE5000 CNC Machining Centre
Large, 5-axis CNC machining centre with Siemens 840C control, 5000mm X 4000mm table capacity, 2500mm dia rotary table, automatic attachment and 60 tool autochanger.

Milling capacity:
Traverse axes
X axis = 6000mm
Y axis = 3500mm
Z axis = 1500mm
B axis = 360 degrees in 0.001 degree increments
Max. table weight = 25 tonnes

Inline milling & drilling attachment:
Max. speed = 2250RPM
Universal milling attachment (full CNC universal head).
C axis = 360 degrees around centre of ram
A axis = +/-90 degrees rotation around X axis (combined with C to point in any direction from horizontal to vertical)
Max. speed = 2250RPM

Dörries Scharmann VTL 2800/280 with Siemens 840D:
Table size                      2,800mm (110.23″) dia
Max. load                      Table 25,000 Kg (24.60 ton)
Max. swing                    2,800mm (110.23”)
Max. work height          3,400mm (133.85″)

Ram stroke                    2500mm (98.42″)
Rapid traverse              1200mm/min (47.24″/min)
Ram cross section         300mm (11.81″) x 300mm (11.81″)
Min. bore for ram         410mm (16.14″) dia

Spindle speeds              0.3 – 180 rpm                Main drive                           2 x 60 kW
Live spindle speeds       6 – 2000 rpm                 Live spindle power               30 kW
Max. turn tool weight   200 Kg (440 lbs)            Max. mill tool weight           40 Kg (88 lbs)
Through coolant           Yes

Dorries Scharmann VTC Sinumerik 840 C:
Table size                      1,800mm (70.80″) dia
Max. load                      Table 12,000 Kg (11.81 ton)
Max. swing                    2,000mm (78.74″)
Max work height           2,398mm (94.40″)

Ram stroke                    1,498mm (59.00″)
Ram cross section         250mm (9.85″) x 250mm (9.85″)
Min bore for ram          300mm (11.82″) dia

Spindle speeds              10 – 350 rpm                 Main drive                           60 kW
Through coolant           Yes                                Live spindle power               30 kW
Max mill tool weight     150Kg (330 lbs)

Hartford Super HCMC 1892:
Traverse axes
X axis = 2800mm
Y axis = 900mm
Z axis = 800mm
Angled head @ 90 degrees to Z axis with 360 degree manual movement around main spindle

Alpha Harrison 2800XS:
Max. turning diameter = 1300mm
Max. length between centres = 5000mm

Alpha Harrison 1760XS:
Max. turning diameter = 600mm
Max. length between centres = 4000mm

Our huge CNC machining capacity is complemented by several large, manually-operated machine tools:

Horizontal boring:
Max. facing capacity 1200mm
Max. vertical travel 1600mm
Table size 2000 x 2000mm

Vertical turning lathes:
A range of sizes up to:
Max. diameter above 3000mm
Max. height 3000mms under cross rail

Milling and surface grinding:
Table size 4270 x 2340mm
Max. height 1800mm
Max. stroke 4725mm

Cylindrical grinding:
Max. diameter 1500mms
Max. length 4500mms

Lifting capacity:
Single lift 25 tonnes

Assembly and Test

The Broadbent Manufacturing Division’s spacious assembly area has overhead lifting facilities of up to 25 tonnes. Our highly-trained team members are skilled in pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical assembly techniques.

Our purpose-built test facility provides a selection of test environments to allow representative final mechanical/ electrical proving tests for all products.

Assembly and test capacity list: a few highlights!

Our supplies include 208-690V 3-phase 50-60Hz to a maximum of 1000 amps.

Single lift for up to 25 tonnes

Max. weight 6 tonnes
Max. length 3050mm
Max. diameter 2030mm
Advanced two-plane balancing electronics

Bruel & Kjaer 2034 and 2032 vibration signal analysers
Bruel & Kjaer and CEL noise meters
M&P 4 channel SO analyser
Extensive PC based data logging facilities


Broadbent’s multi-skilled production team excel in centrifuge manufacture, but our services extend far more widely… We also offer cost-effective subcontract facilities to external users of large complex engineering components and we welcome the opportunity to quote for your requirements in:

  • welding and fabrication
  • machining
  • specialist assembly.

To discuss subcontracting, please contact:

Martin Standring

Tel: +44 (0)1484 477242
Fax: +44 (0)1484 535256
Email: mstandring@broadbent