Over 150 years of separation solutions…

From its very beginnings in the mid-19th century, Broadbent has led in process separation excellence.
Originally designed and manufactured to support Yorkshire’s flourishing textile industry, Broadbent centrifuges now deliver innovative separation solutions for clients in the chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, sugar and sweeteners, laundry, processing and geotechnical industries worldwide.

With the capability and insight to tackle process separation problems of any kind, today’s skilled Broadbent engineers aim to become your trusted advisers and partners, working together to achieve exceptional solutions, both standard and bespoke. Equipment availability is paramount. To keep your centrifuges operating seamlessly 24/7, year after year, you can depend on Broadbent for speedy, specialist service, spares and repairs anywhere in the world.

By building on our heritage and embracing the boundless opportunities of advanced technology, we’ve earned a global reputation in our field for helping organisations like yours to achieve your process separation goals.

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    Covid19 virus status
    COVID-19 Actions. During this exceptional period, Broadbent Ltd and its global subsidiaries are adapting to the COVID-19 situation with diligence...
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    UNSW Centrifuge Facility & "Time Machine"
    Broadbent have supplied a 6GTonne beam centrifuge to the new million dollar UNSW Geotechnical Centrifuge Research Facility. The centre...
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    Superior TB Range of High Speed Decanter Centrifuges
    Broadbent’s superior TB Range designed to meet the needs of new, existing and emerging markets, with you, the industry,...
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    University of Birmingham UK order GT6 centrifuge.
    Broadbent Geotech division have been awarded the order to supply a GT6/0.75 geotechnical centrifuge and ancillary items to the...